Suresh Raina Speaks Out About His Abrupt Exit from CSK in IPL 2020

Suresh Raina, a star player for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), finally explained why he left the Indian Premier League (IPL) camp in Dubai so suddenly in 2020. This happened right before the first match of the season. His sudden departure caused a lot of rumors and raised questions about why he left.

The 2020 IPL was unlike any other. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed for six months and then moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Strict safety rules were in place, with teams living in bio-bubbles and following a strict quarantine. It was in this tense atmosphere that Raina decided to leave, surprising many fans and cricket insiders.

Speculation and Rumors

Suresh Raina’s sudden exit led to rumors of problems within the CSK team. Some reports suggested that he was unhappy with his hotel room. Even the team’s owner, N Srinivasan, made comments that fueled the speculation. He suggested that Raina left because he wasn’t happy with the conditions in the bio-bubble, implying that the cricketer’s attitude was part of the problem. Srinivasan’s words only added more fuel to the rumors.

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Raina Reveals the Real Reason for Leaving

Suresh Raina cleared up the mystery when he spoke in an interview. He said that he left because of a family emergency. His uncle’s family in Pathankot had been attacked by a group of gangsters known as the Kachche gang, resulting in several deaths. Raina’s family was in great distress, and he felt it was his duty to be with them. He mentioned that the strict bio-bubble rules made it impossible for him to return to the IPL later.

Family First, Cricket Later

Suresh Raina said that his family needed him during this difficult time. His father was very upset, and Raina felt that being with his loved ones was more important than playing cricket. He told his team captain, MS Dhoni, and the management about his situation. They understood and supported his decision to leave.

Returning for the 2021 Season

Suresh Raina mentioned that when he returned to the team for the 2021 season, CSK won the IPL trophy. However, in 2020, his family was in chaos, and he needed to be there for them. The bio-bubble rules made it impossible to leave and come back without a long quarantine, so staying in the UAE wasn’t an option for him.

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Suresh Raina’s Legacy with CSK

Raina has been an essential part of CSK’s success. Since the first IPL season in 2008, he has played 200 matches for the team.

During his tenure, CSK reached the IPL final nine times, winning the trophy four times, and also claimed the Champions League T20 title twice. Raina is the team’s highest run-getter, with 5529 runs in 200 matches, averaging 39.40.

Suresh Raina’s sudden departure from the IPL in 2020 was due to a tragic family emergency. He chose to prioritize his family during a challenging time and later returned to CSK, helping them win the IPL in 2021.

Despite the rumors and speculation, his reasons for leaving were deeply personal and understandable.

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