IPL 2024: Top 10 Largest Wins in IPL by Runs

IPL 2024: Top 10 Largest Wins in IPL by Runs: Cricket enthusiasts are often treated to exhilarating matches in the Indian Premier League (IPL), where teams battle it out for supremacy. While some matches go down to the wire, others witness dominant performances that result in massive victories. Here, we present the top 10 largest wins in IPL history based on the margin of runs:

Largest Wins in IPL by Runs

10. Mumbai Indians:

Mumbai Indians secure the number 10 spot on the largest wins in IPL list. In 2018, they clinched a commanding victory against Kolkata Knight Riders by a whopping 102 runs.

9. Rajasthan Royals:

In the inaugural IPL season of 2008, Rajasthan Royals showcased their dominance by defeating Delhi Daredevils with a substantial margin of 105 runs, securing the 9th position on this list.

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8. Kings XI Punjab:

Kings XI Punjab stamped their authority in the 2011 IPL season with a formidable win against Royal Challengers Bangalore. They triumphed by 111 runs, claiming the 8th spot on the list of largest wins.

7. Royal Challengers Bangalore:

The 2023 IPL season witnessed Royal Challengers Bangalore’s spectacular performance against Rajasthan Royals. They outclassed their opponents by a significant margin of 112 runs, earning the 7th position on this list.

6. Sunrisers Hyderabad:

Sunrisers Hyderabad delivered a masterclass in the 2019 IPL season, overpowering Royal Challengers Bangalore with a stunning victory margin of 118 runs, securing the 6th spot on the list.

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5. Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Royal Challengers Bangalore make another appearance on this list, showcasing their dominance in the 2013 IPL season against Pune Warriors. They registered an emphatic win by 130 runs, claiming the 5th position.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Continuing their trend of massive victories, Royal Challengers Bangalore made their mark in the 2015 IPL season by defeating Kings XI Punjab with a commanding margin of 138 runs, securing the 4th position.

3. Kolkata Knight Riders:

Kolkata Knight Riders demonstrated their prowess in the inaugural IPL season of 2008. They secured the 3rd spot on this list by outplaying Royal Challengers Bangalore with a dominant win margin of 140 runs.

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2. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s remarkable performance in the 2016 IPL season deserves recognition as they clinched a resounding victory against Gujarat Lions with an impressive margin of 144 runs, securing the 2nd position on the largest wins in IPL list.

1. Mumbai Indians:

Topping the list of largest wins in IPL history is Mumbai Indians with their extraordinary performance in the 2017 season. They displayed sheer dominance by defeating Delhi Daredevils with an astonishing margin of 146 runs, securing the number one spot.

These monumental victories not only showcase the teams’ dominance but also add to the excitement and drama that the IPL is renowned for.

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PositionIPL YearTeamWin MarginOpposition
12017Mumbai Indians146 runsDaredevils
22016RCB144 runsGuj Lions
32008KKR140 runsRCB
42015RCB138 runsKings XI
52013RCB130 runsWarriors
62019Sunrisers118 runsRCB
72023RCB112 runsRoyals
82011Kings XI111 runsRCB
92008Royals105 runsDaredevils
102018Mumbai Indians102 runsKKR
Top 10 Largest Wins in IPL by Runs
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