Gujarat Titans’ INR 3.6 Cr Signing’s Shocking Accident Before IPL 2024!

Robin Minz’s father has provided an important update after his son, who was signed by Gujarat Titans for INR 3.6 crore at the IPL auction, got into an accident before IPL 2024.

Robin Minz, the rising star from Shimal village in Jharkhand’s Gumla district, was chosen by Gujarat Titans for the IPL 2024 season. However, just before the season began, he was involved in a road accident.

The accident occurred when Robin was riding his Kawasaki superbike. Reports suggest that his bike collided with another vehicle, causing him to lose control and skid off the road. Fortunately, Robin managed to escape serious injury, although he suffered bruises on his right knee.

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His father, Francis Minz, shared the update, confirming Robin’s safety despite the damage to his bike. He expressed relief that Robin had narrowly escaped a potentially serious accident.

Robin’s journey to the IPL was marked by impressive performances in domestic cricket, particularly in the Col CK Nayudu Trophy, where he played for Jharkhand. His outstanding knock of 137 runs in a knockout match caught the attention of many, including MS Dhoni.

Before the auction, Robin’s father had a chance encounter with Dhoni at the Ranchi airport. Dhoni, impressed by Robin’s talent, assured Robin’s father that if no other team picked him, Chennai Super Kings would.

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However, Gujarat Titans outbid CSK and Mumbai Indians, securing Robin’s services for a significant sum of INR 3.6 crore.

Robin’s accident was an unfortunate setback before his IPL debut, but his safety is the primary concern. Despite the incident, his fans eagerly await his return to the cricket field, hoping for more stellar performances in the future.

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