BCCI Considers Allowing Franchises to Retain 8 Players? Significant Decision Expected After Meeting with Owners

The upcoming IPL mega auction has ignited extensive discussions surrounding the optimal number of players teams can retain. Seeking input from IPL franchises, the BCCI has initiated informal consultations regarding the potential expansion of retained player quotas. Scheduled for the upcoming week in Ahmedabad, a meeting has been convened, inviting participation from all ten franchise owners to deliberate on this pertinent matter.

A source within the BCCI highlighted, “Given the relatively nascent stage of the league, the board is eager to solicit recommendations aimed at its progressive evolution. Retaining players stands as a pivotal consideration, with a prevailing inclination among franchises towards the retention of approximately eight players before the auction, as discerned from preliminary discussions.”

During the preceding mega auction, teams could retain four players outright and secure one additional player through the “right to match” (RTM) card, thereby enabling retention of a cumulative total of five players, inclusive of a maximum of two foreign players.

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According to insider reports, a prevailing sentiment among most franchises advocates for continuity in team composition. Furthermore, franchises have expressed their aspiration to augment the overall salary cap from the existing Rs 90 crore to Rs 100 crore, citing the more lucrative media rights deals brokered by the BCCI.

“Some stakeholders perceive the frequent overhaul of core team compositions as untenable. Franchises are of the view that there should be adequate provisions to retain a majority of the core group. However, discussions surrounding the specifics of RTM implementation or the cap on overseas player retention have not yet been broached,” remarked the BCCI source.

The period since the previous mega auction has posed significant challenges for two franchises, notably the Delhi Capitals and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Among these, the Delhi Capitals have endured the most pronounced struggles.

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In the seasons leading up to the preceding mega auction, they had cultivated a formidable core, exemplified by their commendable feat of reaching the finals in 2020 and securing playoff berths in the adjacent seasons.

“Several franchises may advocate for a broader player pool in the auction to facilitate team rebuilding efforts. It is imperative to note that with an increase in retention quotas, the available ‘cream pool’ of players could considerably diminish. The forthcoming meeting on April 16th is poised to be dominated by discussions encompassing roster size adjustments and retention limit revisions,” the source concluded.

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