How to Make Money in IPL 2024?

How to Make Money in IPL 2024: Indian Premier League is a biggest T20 league in the world. IPL 2024 is starting from 22nd March. Everyone enjoys IPL matches, fans support their favorite team, it’s amazing.

If you are reading this that means you will also Enjoy IPL matches. But what if you can make money while enjoying IPL matches. Yes, it’s true, in this article we will discuss 3 Legal ways to make Money in IPL 2024 season.

Best 3 ways to Make Money in IPL 2024

3. IPL Merchandise | Make Money in IPL 2024

In India cricket is like religion. Everyone loves their favorite players. Every cricket fan in India is crazy about his/her Team. Even if they win nothing still the fans will wholeheartedly support their team. Take example of RCB, even without winning a single trophy they still have largest fanbase.

You can cash in on this cricket craziness. There is huge demand of IPL merchandise such as caps, jerseys, bats, printed t-shirts and so on. You can buy these from wholesale market and sell it after adding your profit. IPL Merchandise is one of the best way to make money in IPL 2024.

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2. Blogs and Websites | Make Money in IPL 2024

IPL is among the biggest sporting events in the world. During this period, IPL related content is consumed by masses. You can also start writing blogs about IPL. You can write about interesting facts about IPL, trivia about players, news about IPL, match predictions, best Dream11 teams, Fans are often interested in learning more about their favourite players, and blogging about fresh new facts will only enhance this. As a result, IPL event blogging becomes best way to make money in IPL 2024.

1. Fantasy Cricket | Make Money in IPL 2024

Fantasy Cricket has little risk but it is best way to make money in IPL 2024. Where you can create your own team and you can earn points as per their performance in the actual match. If you get highest points you win. If you use your cricket knowledge wisely then you can make fortune through Fantasy Cricket. There are many fantasy apps you can use to play fantasy cricket. Best two of them given below.

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Vision11 is most affordable fantasy cricket platform available. Recently Vision11 joined hands with CSK as an official fantasy partner for TATA IPL 2024. On Vision11 you can join contests in less amount compared to other well known Fantasy platforms for same winning amount.

You can download Vision11 App from Play Store OR Click here to Download Vision11 app & use code GOPAL7475060 To Register and get Rs.500 cash. To get Rs.500 cash you must use given code.

How to Make Money in IPL 2024?

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Dream11 is the biggest fantasy platform in India. You can create your team and join cash contest in the Dream11 App. Dream11 has little higher fee than other platform but it provides so many details related to games and also about players performance. You can download Dream11 App from Play Store OR Click here to Download and use our invite code GOPAL978TU to get 90% discount on your first match. You must use invite code to get discount.

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