How to win in Dream11? Tips and Tricks

How to win in Dream11? Every cricket lover wants to know the answer to this question. But problem is everyone wants to win that 1Cr OR 2Cr first prize of Grand Leagues. So let me clear one thing, winning Grand League is completely based on luck.

No one can predict exact top 11 performers of the match in order, otherwise he/she would have won all the matches. But you can win in Dream11 by playing small contests. Where you only need to beat only 2 or 3 opponents.

You can make money by playing small contests. But it is not that simple or easy. You can not win in every single match. Even if you have good knowledge of fantasy cricket, you cannot win in every match.

For example, you predicted that Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli will perform well so you made him captain and vice-captain. But in actual match both got out early so you will suffer loss in that match. But you can recover that loss and also can win in Dream11 with ‘Investment Discipline’.

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How to win in Dream11 with Investment Discipline?

It’s not easy skill to learn. It’s human tendency that when you win in one match, you invest more money in next match to win big but if you lose that match then all the money is gone. But if you invest with discipline, you can win in Dream11. With Investment Discipline you just need to win 1 match out of 5 matches.

Let’s talk about how to invest in matches. First thing is you should focus on small contests (3/4 team contests). If you have total 5000 rupees then in first match invest only 2% amount which is 100 rupees. If you win then again only invest 100 in next match and if you lose then invest 4% that is 200 in match 2. In that match if you win then invest 100 in next match and if you lose then invest 8% that is 400 in match 3. Follow the same process till 4th and 5th match if you lose.

Chart is given below, adjust it according to your total amount and follow it with discipline. Change investment amount only when you achieve next milestone (like Rs. 10000, 15000, 20000).

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S.N. (if you lose)MatchesYour Total AmountInvestment %Investment Amount
1st InvestmentMatch 150002100
2nd InvestmentMatch 250004200
3rd InvestmentMatch 350008400
4th InvestmentMatch 4500016800
5th InvestmentMatch 55000321600
(Tip: Whenever you win, always start with 1st investment)

Always keep in mind whenever you win go back to the start (2% investment). If you follow this chart then we can promise you that you will win in Dream11. Only condition is that you need to have basic Fantasy knowledge which will help you to win at least 1 out of 5 matches.

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Don’t do these Mistakes to win in Dream11 Fantasy

1) Not following investment plan. To make profit you need to follow the plan even if you lose 1 or 2 matches.

2) Investing extra money when you win. Don’t do this mistake invest according the plan you made.

3) Focusing on Grand Leagues instead of small contests. In small contests you have 25%-33% chance of winning so focus on that.

4) Investing in any match without knowledge. Invest only in matches where you have proper knowledge of the teams.

5) Not going to 1st investment when you win. Always go back to 1st investment when you win otherwise there is high probability of you losing your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is there any trick to win in Dream11?

Yes. Play small contests, make team by doing research and follow the investment discipline.

Q. Is Dream11 a skill or luck?

Dream11 is mixture of both. If you play grand leagues you need skills as well as luck. But in small contests you can win with your fantasy skills.

Q. Can you win money on Dream11?

Definitely yes, You can win money on dream11 by investing wisely and by making well researched team.

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