Dream11 vs Vision11: Which is Better Fantasy Platform? | Dream11 vs Vision11 Comparison

Dream11 vs Vision11 Comparison: Dream11 and Vision11 are Cricket Fantasy Apps. Fantasy games are virtual recreations of your favorite sport. Users can play their favorite games and form teams by choosing actual players for Fantasy cricket. Users can participate in a variety of competitions and matches based on their level of skill. Users can also earn cash prizes in Dream11 and Vision11. Let’s compare Dream11 and Vision11 in this article.

Fantasy cricket is an online game in which users build a recreated cricket squad of the top 11 players from an upcoming real-life match and pick the skipper and vice-captain from the group.

Cricket is played in a comparatively simple manner here. The main objective is to gain as many points as possible and move up to the top by defeating competitors on the Fantasy cricket app.

Dream11 vs Vision11

There are some significant distinctions between Dream11 and Vision11. In this section, we will compare the Dream11 vs Vision11 applications.

Dream11 is a sports betting software that allows you to build an 11-player fantasy squad based on real-life matches. Users can enter different competitions and fight against other teams for large cash rewards.  Vision11 is a fantasy app in which users can participate in numerous fantasy games. It is India’s the latest fantasy software, and you can make large rewards and prizes based on your ability and skills. Vision11 will assist you in analyzing your game expertise.  
Dream11 vs Vision11 Entry Fees Comparison
Dream11 vs Vision11 Entry Fees Comparison

Let’s Talk about Dream11

In this Dream11 vs Vision11 comparison, we will first look at Dream11. Dream11 is an Indian gambling website that enables users to participate in fantasy cricket, handball, basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, kabaddi, rugby, soccer, and baseball.

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Dream11 became the first Indian gaming business app to be crowned in April 2019. It is online gaming software that allows users to form a virtual squad of real-life participants.

Users earn more points based on how well these athletes perform in real contests. A user who earns the most points in their competitions is ranked first on the scoreboard. Dream11 has both open and sponsored events.

A user must pay a fee to enter a community and can earn real cash rewards. A person must be 18 years old and have their PAN card verified in order to engage in a Dream11 game.

Features of Dream11

  • It is a simple way to register and enter your id in the Dream11 program.
  • There are numerous gaming choices accessible that you can use in multiple games.
  • By referring a friend, you can receive a bonus on your first buy.
  • Dream11’s withdrawal processes are simple.

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Pros and Cons of Dream11

Pros  Cons  
Earning money is simple      Because of the high level of rivalry, the odds of winning are lean.    
Fun packageIt will become addictive to people    
Simple to use    Losses consistently can be disheartening.    
Dream11 is the real transaction    Money will be lost fast  
More advantagesProblems with payout  

Our Opinion:

The Dream11 app is a simple method to make money, but winning the challenge requires a lot of practice and expertise. Although it is not a perfect program, more than 11 crores people use it. So playing this dream game is risk-free.

How to Download Dream11 App?

Dream11 App is available on Play Store to download OR you can Click here to Download and get Rs.200 discount for free. Use our invite code GOPAL978TU to get Rs.200 discount.

Let’s Talk about Vision11

Parth Rakeshbhai Raval and Rakesh Kumar Rawal are the current owners of Vision11. Fantasy Sports Vision11 Private Limited manufactures Vision 11.

People on Vision11 enjoy Fantasy Cricket, India’s most popular sports gaming app. It is a fantasy Sports Management tool that allows Indian sports enthusiasts to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in sports.

Vision11 has not been stopped from offering large rewards. With over 1.7 million installations and 200k+ Instagram and Telegram ratings, it is obvious that the Vision11 Fantasy App is here to stay. You can receive money and other prizes in the Vision11 App for your athletic abilities, experience, and knowledge. You’re resolved to discover your favorite sport and team among the many available on the app.

Features of Vision11

  • It has less competition and can quickly win.
  • The Vision11 app provides daily free pleasure on every encounter.
  • Welcome, Referral Bonus, or Sign up Code Load your money account with Vision11 Refer and Earn.
  • The Vision11 App allows users to play the second inning.
  • Now add the quantity of money provided to each individual up to Rs.10, 000.

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Pros and Cons of Vision11

Pros  Cons  
There isn’t much competition.  When taking money, ID authentication is required.    
Having a brand valuable and being secure to perform.    The incentive rewards are not as high as in other applications
Good setting up credit.         
Customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Vision11. The smallest sum of money that can be paid out. 

Our Opinion:

The Vision11 program offers outstanding rewards and thrilling cash awards for accumulating more points. Because it is a very safe and private program, you can enjoy your favorite activity at any moment. More significantly, because there will be less competition, your odds of winning will be greater.

How to Download Vision11 App?

Click Here To Download Vision11 App and get Rs.500 cash. Use code GOPAL7475060 To Register and get Rs.500 cash.

Which one is better, Dream11 vs Vision11?

Millions of people use the Dream11 program to participate in paid competitions. Earning money involve risk, it’s lawful and secure. With over 1 million registered players, Dream11 is India’s largest fantasy sports website. Dream11 is a skill-based game in which a squad of real athletes competes against other fans in upcoming contests and leagues for the opportunity to earn big monetary prizes and rewards.

Vision11 is new app and they are trying to grow in the market. they offer various giveaways on daily basis. you can join giveaway for free. Compared to Dream11, Vision11 has less entry fee, It has less competition and you can join as many as 200 leagues with single click.

Dream11 vs Vision11
Entry Fee Comparison

On Vision11 The rivalry will also be lower, and you will be able to easily win the game with many thrilling prizes and monetary rewards. This fantasy game will have more opportunities to win. Users can make money by participating with low entry costs.

This fantasy game will have more opportunities to win. At vision11, users can join with minimal entry costs and receive rewards with almost no expenditure. There is a 20% referral bonus offered. You can also use the prize to enter competitions. There are numerous similarities between Dream11 and Vision11.

Factors   Dream11Vision11
Referral BonusRs.500 per recommendationRs.100 + 20% lifetime commission for each recommendation
Recommendation CodeGOPAL978TUGOPAL7475060
Min PaymentRs.5Rs.1
Min WithdrawalRs.50Rs.100


In terms of Dream11 vs Vision11, Dream11 will be the best in terms of activities and rewards. But Vision11 will be the best in aspects of competition because Dream11 has a lot of competition, It may reduce your chances of winning.

Dream11 charges more entry fee than Vision11 and on Vision11 you can join multiple leagues in single click. We would recommend Vision11, but When comparing Dream11 vs Vision11 reviews, most people refer to the Dream11 Fantasy App.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. Is Vision11 an excellent app?

To win large prizes the Vision11 is excellent app .

Q. Is Dream11 more expensive?

Yes, compared to other Fantasy apps Dream11 in expensive.

Q. How can you deactivate my Vison11 account?

Contact Vision11 Support team with an official request to end your account to delete your account.

Q. Is Vision 11 legal in India?

Yes, Vision11 app is legal in India.

Q. Which fantasy app has lowest entry fees between Dream11 vs Vision11?

Vision11 app has lowest entry fees than Dream11.

Q. Who is the owner of Vision11?

Parth Rawal and Rakesh Rawal

Q. Which app is better than Dream11?

Dream11 is largest app. but in terms of less competition and less entry fees Vision11 app is better.

Q. Which is the No 1 fantasy app?


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