“He probably hasn’t witnessed Australia’s Test cricket for the past two decades” Michael Clarke expressed disagreement with Ben Duckett

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has expressed disagreement with Ben Duckett’s view on England’s influence on aggressive Test cricket. Duckett praised Yashasvi Jaiswal’s attacking century during an interview after day three of the Rajkot Test.

He suggested that England’s aggressive approach influenced teams to play more aggressively in Tests. However, Clarke disagreed, stating that Australia had a rich history of playing aggressive Test cricket in the 1990s and 2000s, long before England adopted a similar style.

Clarke elaborated on Australia’s aggressive batting style during the mentioned era, highlighting the formidable players like Matthew Hayden, Michael Slater, Ricky Ponting, Damien Martyn, and Adam Gilchrist. He emphasized that these players were renowned for their aggressive approach, laying the foundation for the modern game.

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Clarke noted that executing unorthodox shots like reverse sweeps or switch hits doesn’t solely define aggressive batting. He cited examples of Hayden’s aggressive batting tactics, such as confidently advancing down the wicket to smash the ball straight over the bowler’s head for a towering six.

In addition to emphasizing Australia’s cricketing legacy, Clarke acknowledged the impact of T20 cricket in diversifying shots across all formats. He recognized the evolution of cricketing techniques but cautioned against equating this evolution with increased aggression.

Clarke recalled numerous innings where batsmen, once settled, could accelerate the scoring rate significantly. He stressed the importance of constructing innings strategically to put the team in a favorable position, citing instances of Hayden’s calculated aggression, particularly his positive sweep shots against renowned spinners like Harbhajan Singh during the 2001 Test series.

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While recognizing England’s recent aggressive approach, especially evident in the Rajkot Test, Clarke emphasized that many teams and players have historically embraced aggressive and positive cricket in Test matches. He praised England for their bold strategy but reiterated that they weren’t the pioneers of aggressive Test cricket, as it had been a hallmark of various teams throughout cricketing history.

Furthermore, Duckett had previously faced criticism from former England captain Nasser Hussain for his comments on Yashasvi Jaiswal. The England team has been receiving significant backlash for their aggressive approach, with many former cricketers calling for a change in tactics after the team suffered consecutive defeats in India.

While acknowledging the recent trend towards aggressive cricket, particularly exemplified by England, Clarke underscored the rich heritage of aggressive Test cricket that existed long before. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions of past players and teams while appreciating the evolution of the game.

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