Shocking Revelation Regarding Ishan Kishan, New Details Emerged about His Potential Return to Cricket

Fresh details have emerged regarding Ishan Kishan and his potential return to cricket. It’s been a mysterious time for him since Virat Kohli’s absence. Ever since Ishan was released from the South Africa tour and not selected for the Afghanistan T20Is, there have been various stories circulating about him.

Reports suggested he was in a difficult position regarding India’s T20I captaincy, faced allegations of mistrust from team management, and questions about his commitment surfaced. Ishan’s name has been at the center of speculation for the last two months, with different theories swirling around.

Recently, new information has shed light on Ishan’s situation. A report by The Indian Express confirmed that Ishan had requested a break due to mental fatigue and is now working towards his comeback to Indian cricket.

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For the past month, he has been training in Baroda with his Mumbai Indians captain, Hardik Pandya, while also spending time with his family, which has been beneficial for his recovery.

Ishan rented a 2BHK flat in Vadodara to stay with his family during this time. He had expressed the need for a break after the World Cup but was not granted one. Despite scoring consecutive fifties against Australia, he wasn’t keen on playing subsequent series due to the emotional toll of India’s World Cup defeat. Eventually, he was allowed to step away during the South Africa series, as constant traveling had taken a toll on him mentally.

“He had never complained about it, but the loss in the ODI World Cup final has left him shattered. He wanted the break right after the tournament but was asked to play by the management,” a source stated.

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The BCCI’s directive regarding prioritizing the Ranji Trophy was not specifically aimed at Ishan. The board is aware of his situation and respects his decision. India’s head coach, Rahul Dravid, had initially mentioned the importance of domestic cricket for Ishan’s selection but later clarified his stance.

Despite not playing in the Ranji Trophy game, Ishan has always prioritized domestic cricket. Accusations suggesting otherwise are baseless.

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