Ravi Ashwin’s wife said, “48 hours between 500 and 501 wickets were the longest hours of our lives”

IND vs ENG: Ravi Ashwin, the seasoned spinner for India, had a whirlwind 48 hours during the third Test against England. Just hours after celebrating his remarkable feat of claiming 500 wickets in Test cricket, Ashwin had to rush back home due to a family emergency.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) quickly announced his departure from the ongoing match midway through Day 2. However, Ashwin managed to rejoin the team on Day 4 after attending to his family matters in Chennai.

Upon his return, Ashwin played a crucial role in India’s massive 434-run victory, taking a wicket in his six overs, conceding only 19 runs. It was revealed that the BCCI arranged a charter plane to fly Ashwin back to Rajkot from Chennai, enabling his quick return to the team.

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Ashwin’s swift comeback and subsequent performance underscored his dedication to both the sport and the team. Despite the challenges, his professionalism shone through, earning praise from Indian captain Rohit Sharma.

Rohit commended Ashwin’s decision to prioritize his family, emphasizing that family always comes first. He expressed admiration for Ashwin’s character and his swift return to the team, highlighting the respect and support from his teammates.

Ashwin’s wife, Prithi Narayanan, shared insights into the challenging 48 hours they faced, expressing pride in her husband’s achievement and his resilience in overcoming the obstacles.

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In an Instagram post, she reflected on the journey leading up to Ashwin’s 500th wicket, acknowledging the sacrifices made along the way. She expressed immense pride and love for Ashwin, celebrating his remarkable achievement and character.

The entire episode highlighted the bond within the Indian cricket team and the importance of family support in times of need. Ashwin’s return to the team showcased not just his skill as a cricketer but also his integrity and commitment to his loved ones.

In conclusion, Ashwin’s journey during the third Test against England was a testament to his professionalism, resilience, and the values he upholds both on and off the field. His swift return and contribution to India’s victory underscored his importance to the team and his unwavering dedication to the sport he loves.

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