“You have to forget the past and…” Shubman Gill talks about struggles he gone through

Shubman Gill is currently the second-highest run scorer for India on this tour, right behind Yashasvi Jaiswal. But their stories couldn’t be more different. Jaiswal has been consistently scoring runs, making it look effortless.

Shubman Gill, on the other hand, has faced struggles but managed to score nonetheless. Despite his century in Visakhapatnam and 91 in Rajkot, Gill hasn’t quite met the high expectations set after his outstanding performance in white-ball cricket in 2023.

With eleven innings passing without a score of fifty or more, Gill faced a reality check. The England tour demanded more from him, especially with the absence of key players like Virat Kohli and KL Rahul. Gill had to step up and deliver.

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Though not spectacular, he’s been learning and adapting with each match. Gill acknowledges his own disappointment but focuses on moving forward, stating, “You have to forget the past and just focus on the next ball.”

Having previously opened in the West Indies and now batting at No. 3, Gill has had to adjust his game. While he’s played at No. 3 for India A and in some Ranji Trophy matches, the middle-order requires a different approach. Shubman Gill explains the shift, highlighting the difference in situations and the need for adaptability.

There were doubts about Gill’s ability to anchor the innings, but he silenced them with a resilient hundred in Visakhapatnam. He admits the circumstances in different Tests varied, affecting his approach to batting. In Rajkot, for instance, with the team in a strong position, Shubman Gill’s innings was more composed.

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Despite the challenges, the younger players have stepped up in the absence of senior players like Kohli and Rahul. Gill acknowledges the impact of their absence but praises the performance of players like Sarfaraz. He emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, knowing they may not last long.

Shubman Gill’s journey on this tour has been a mix of struggles and triumphs. While he hasn’t consistently met the high standards set for him, he’s shown resilience and a willingness to learn. The absence of key players has provided opportunities for young talents to shine, and Shubman Gill is determined to make the most of his chances on the field.

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