Virat Kohli net worth is now above Rs. 1000 crore, one Instagram post costs Rs…

Virat Kohli is in the habit of making news even when he isn’t active on the cricket field. And that’s exactly what he did recently when it was revealed that his net worth has seen a significant increase.

According to numbers crunched by StockGro, a Bengaluru-based trading and investment company, Kohli’s net worth is now above Rs. 1000 crore – it is Rs 1050 crore to be exact.

And a lot of this, amazingly enough, isn’t down to his direct earnings from the sport of cricket but rather his advertisements, investments and social media clout.

Kohli’s earnings from cricket are a small chunk of his fortune. He is a centrally contracted BCCI player and is in the A+ category, meaning he gets Rs. 7 crore annually from them.

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His retained status for Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) also means he nets Rs. 15 crore from the franchise per every season of the cash-rich league.

But it is off the field where he makes most of his money. He commands a massive fan following across social media, meaning he can charge hefty amounts for posting brands on his accounts.

A branded Instagram post from Kohli costs Rs. 8.9 crore, whereas the same branded post on Twitter would be worth a further Rs. 2.5 crore.

He also makes major money from ad shoots, for which he charges anything between Rs. 7.5-10 crore in ad fees. That is the most for any celebrity in either Bollywood or Indian sports.

But net worth isn’t determined solely by what you earn, but also what you own. And Kohli has invested in several assets, many of which cost a lot of money.

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Take for instance his house in Mumbai, which costs Rs. 34 crore currently. And there’s another house in Gurugram, which is valued at more than double the price of Rs. 80 crore.

He is also an owner of several brands including his One8 line of restaurants and Wrogn clothing line. He has also invested money in several startups including MPL, Sports Convo, Blue Tribe and Universal Sportsbiz to name a few.

This marks another significant personal milestone for Kohli, one that showcases not only his pull on the cricket field but off it as well.

India’s most popular cricket stars are judged both on marketability as well as their on-field performances. And Kohli comes up trumps in both of those categories.

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