ICC ODI Ranking Battle: India vs Pakistan vs Australia

The ICC ODI Rankings are presently a three-way struggle between India, Pakistan, and Australia. Each country will be eager to maintain their strong form as they enter into the ICC World Cup 2023 as the top-ranked side in the world. Can Rohit Sharma’s India reclaim first place?

Pakistan is now the World No. 1 ODI team, captained by Babar Azam. Pakistan is the world’s top-ranked team heading into the Asia Cup after a 3-0 thrashing of Afghanistan.

However, Pakistan does not have the luxury of taking things easy or relaxing. Because Australia and India are breathing down their necks.

As the rankings show, a single win or defeat can change the entire combination in the fight for the World Number One place. A simple loss for Pakistan and a win for Australia in their future games will result in a reversal of the rankings.

Latest ICC ODI Rankings


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How can Australia become the world No.1?

The dynamics are straightforward: Australia must win their games, while Pakistan must lose theirs. Let’s look at some of these combinations:

• On September 6, Pakistan was defeated by Bangladesh in the Asia Cup Super 4s. In this situation, Australia receives 118 points, while Pakistan falls to second place with 116 points.

• Pakistan is defeated by Bangladesh, while Australia defeats South Africa. Australia gains 119 points and maintains its lead even if Pakistan defeats India in the Asia Cup 2023 match on September 10th.

•Australia defeats South Africa, Pakistan falls to third place with losses to Bangladesh and India, and India moves to second place with 115 points.

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How can Pakistan maintain its No.1 ranking?

Pakistan’s mission is relatively simple. Win the game against Bangladesh and hope Australia only loses one more game in the future days. If both Australia and Pakistan maintain their point totals of 118, Australia will move into first place.

• Pakistan must defeat Bangladesh in their encounter. Even if Australia defeats South Africa, Babar Azam and company remain in first place.

• If Pakistan and Australia win both games, Australia must lose their second game to South Africa for Pakistan to maintain its lead.

• If Pakistan defeats Bangladesh and Australia defeats South Africa in the next two matches, Pakistan will need to defeat India on September 10th to retain the top spot.

Pakistan had two victories over Bangladesh and India. If Austria wins their remaining matches in the next two weeks, Pakistan will maintain their lead in the rankings.

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How can India become No.1 ICC ODI Ranking?

The challenge is not easy for India, but it is also not impossible. With positive outcomes and opponents shedding points, India might find itself at the top of the rankings.

• However, for that to happen, both Pakistan and Australia must lose their next matches and India must win their next match. 

• If Pakistan loses to Bangladesh, South Africa defeats Australia in their next two games, and India defeats Sri Lanka, the Men in Blue will take the lead in the standings, even if Australia wins the third game against the Proteas.

However, with the three countries having plenty of games ahead of them and different permutations and combinations in the outcomes, it is safe to assume that any of the three sides has a good possibility of unseating the other in the fight for the ICC ODI Rankings before of the World Cup.

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