New Controversy in BGIS 2023: Anti-India People are Trying to Enter BGMI Esports Scene

After BGIS 2023 Semifinals, Stalwart Esports’s founder Zeyan Shafiq claimed that they had signed two BGMI esports teams and both are qualified for BGIS 2023 Grand Finals. After announcement screenshots of his Anti-India tweets started going viral. BGMI fans started protesting against Zeyan Shafiq for his tweets.

India’s popular game BGMI is back after 10-month ban. The game is always surrounded by the controversies. Currently official BGMI tournament BGIS 2023 is going on. BGIS 2023 Semi-Finals completed between 4th to 7th October 2023. Many big names couldn’t make it to the finals and few new teams qualified for the Grand Finals.

Few users shared screenshots of his previous tweets which were Anti-India. Screenshot of his tweets first went viral when Stalwart Esports did collaboration with one of the India’s biggest gaming organization Godlike Esports. Fans claimed that soon after the backlash Zeyan deleted his all controversial tweets. But they had already made screen recording of all his tweets. They also provided Wayback Machine archives links. Few links are still working and others are removed from Wayback Machine archives.

What is Wayback Machine? – The Wayback Machine allows users to go “back in time” to view how websites looked in the past. With help of Wayback Machine you can also see deleted web pages. This also includes Tweets. But those links are not permanent and an individual can remove it. Here are few screenshots of controversial tweets.

1. On 05 February, 2021, he tweeted “UNITED STATES OF KASHMIR”

2. On September 04, 2020 he tweeted, “If ever Kashmir attains freedom, Islamabad must be declared as the capital without any second thought.”

3. On July 07, 2020 he tweeted, “This is high time Kashmir retaliates to these new domiciles and. Don’t let peer vear become Bihar vear. Do whatever it takes.”

4. On September 21, 2020 he tweeted, “Saw a post earlier where someone called out the female cricketers from kashmir and asked everyone to blame their parents for their upbringing. Why doesn’t someone bat an eye when the same is done by boys? Why do boys proudly play and entertain occupiers?”

5. One screenshots also suggest that he is a supporter of Pakistan Cricket team. On November 11, 2021, he tweeted, “PK was the most deserving team this WC, cricket is so unpredictable. Deserved to win (broken heart emoji). The boys were too good this tour!”

Anti-India People are Trying to Enter BGMI Esports Scene
Screenshots of Zeyan Shafiq’s controversial tweets

In his one tweet he said that “For a moment thought @realshoabmalik sent ball to IOK Class innings.” IOK term is used by Pakistan for Jammu and Kashmir. [Wayback Archive of tweet]

In his one tweet he said (now deleted), “Blue tick kab aayegi i swear mai naam donald trump rakhke free kashmir tweet karunga. ab dilao mereko.” [Wayback Archive of tweet]

Zeyan Shafiq is not new to controversies. When in 2017, the Jammu and Kashmir state government banned social media in Kashmir, claiming that the sites had been misused by “anti-government elements.” Zeyan Shafiq launched Facebook like app ‘KashBook’ to evade government’s social media ban.

Many regarded his action as a “security threat.” A top Hindi news channel claimed that they have conducted an investigation into whether the app was being used as a means of mobilizing stone pelters in the valley and may pose a threat to Kashmir’s security situation.

All this information is available in public domain. But no big name from BGMI community raised their voice against this. Only few small creators raised their voice in this matter. Fans decided that they will protest against Anti-National elements at Lan venue during BGIS 2023 Grand Finals.

Sharing Google Drive link of all the Screen Recordings, Screenshots, Tweet links, Wayback Machine archives: Click here to know more about STE Files.

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